What I Learned this week : 2nd March 2019

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen” Lenin

Salute to Soldiers and Tribute to Martyrs. A personal recollection of events of 1987-89

I met Abhinandan when he was seven year old, accompaning his Mother, Dr Shobha and Father Air Marshal Simhakutty Varthaman in 1987-89.  Her mother was assisting my father in his hospital during her husband’s posting as Chief testing pilot at Wester Air Force Command centre. On weekends our favourite talk with ACM Varthaman was about newly inducted MIG 21, his experience as chief pilot and role it will play in future. A young Abhi use to brim with confidence whenever return from air base seeing his father flying and was full of description. Nonetheless i knew that time that he is setting the stage to achieve greater things in life. The excellence of his father as a pilot shaped him. I moved places over the next few decades and didn’t had chance to hear from him untill i saw news paper headlines.  This article below is a wonderful brief about how with a grit & excellence david can beat golith. All Indians will remain deeply greatful and obliged to our Martyrs for laying their life for all of us. 

Can a MIG 21 hunt the world best fighter plane  !! Yes Grit and excellence of Pilot excel over machie 

Winners and Loser of Euro ; Re collection of 20 years

There are different kind of stupids : Yes 

Controlling emotions is one of the most important trait in life. 

China is reviving while Indian regulators are deflating equity markets –  Interesting Analysis on how equity market helps economy.  

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