What Vallum Read this Week 3rd October 2020

3rd October 2020 | Vallum Capital

The dark side of smart is that whenever we do good works, and cooperate, we draw from our manipulative past. The even darker side of smart is that competition doesn’t just select an ability to manipulate but also an adaptive ability to be unpredictable. 

Handwriting is a dying art. Science behind how cursive Handwriting helps in improving our Brain.


Bangladesh is also ahead of India in the human or social development indicators of infant mortality rate and life expectancy at birth. A newborn in Bangladesh is more likely to see her fifth birthday than her Indian or Pakistani counterpart. She is also likely to live longer in Bangladesh (72.5 years) than India (68.6 years) and Pakistan (66.5 years).

Must Read : Today leader, student and Entrepreneur needs distinctive knowledge to navigate thru the complex world.

Is inflation coming back : Most of us are Unprepared after Two decades of deflation due to globalization. 

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