What Vallum Read this Week | 7th Nov 2020

7th Nov 2020 | Vallum Capital

Food production is the single largest activity putting humans into competition with other species inhabiting the biosphere. For that reason, it is particularly destructive to produce food that will be wasted. Understanding Food. 

The research has demonstrated that the same factors that make older people susceptible to financial scam can make younger people also why ?— lower impulse control, slower cognitive function, higher rates of social isolation — also make them vulnerable to misinformation. 

Must Read :  Can too many brainy  people be a dangerous thing?

Providing a growing Older generation with a dignified and independent life means doing more with less – and governments and industry are looking to cutting-edge technology. 

Investors frequently make too heavy a commitment to the configuration of trends already discerned.

The coming Biofuel boom in the US and its implication for other countries

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