Who we are

Vallum Capital Advisors develops customized, unconflicted Equity investment solutions for institutions, family offices and high-net-worth individuals

Independent and privately held, we serve as advisor and advocate for our clients, with full discretionary management

Hands-on experience on all sides of the investment relationship.

Senior members of the Vallum Investment Team have had successful careers as asset managers, portfolio managers, and investment research analysts. We know what’s required to manage money successfully. We bring that experience to every client relationship.

A fully engaged team.

When it comes to the strength of a team, we know that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Ours is a collaborative culture, one that shares information and ideas, working together to ensure that each client benefits fully from the full breadth and depth of our cumulative experience, shared expertise and culture of client service.

Focused on risk.

Vallum focuses on capital preservation and long-term wealth creation. Our multi-faceted experience, analytic insight, and comprehensive understanding of risk help us evaluate the full dimensions of the real risks equity investors face, and enable us to devise sound strategies to counter them.

Portfolio Management experts.

Vallum has a proven track record in investments in equity asset class. As more and more investors look to the potential of Portfolio Management to enhance portfolio performance and reduce portfolio volatility, expertise outside the traditional equity mutual fund style has become a critical element in improving investment performance.